Hollerado Meets The Mayor

We're a band from Canada. This is a blog about us meeting a bunch of the country's mayors on our tour.

September 29, 2011 - Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

When Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi walked in the room, we felt like we were meeting an Indian Mick Jagger. We had been told by many of our Calgarian friends as well as numerous mayors that we had already met that Nenshi was a rock star, yet still we were not prepared for charisma like this. He commanded the room, and before we knew what had hit us, we had smiles on our faces and white cowboy hats on our heads and were repeating an oath to become honorary Calgarians. The mayor informed us that the last person to receive the honour of being “white hatted” was none other than…and I quote….”the Shat”…William Shatner. In our brief meeting at City Hall, Mayor Nenshi embodied all that we love about our visits to Calgary. A youthful city, brimming with energy, looking to embrace new ideas and a passion for the arts and culture.

The mayor spoke of how proud he is to have festivals like Sled Island, which in our opinion is one of the coolest Indie festivals in North America. Nenshi said that one of his favorite local
artists was Chad Van Gaalen, as well as claiming he is pretty sure CBC Radio 3 is not a real station due to the fact that it is simply Grant Lawrence at a computer in his basement. Also, Nenshi has flown an F-18.

In conclusion, if you were to cross Freddie Mercury with Chuck
Norris and make this person the Mayor of Calgary, you would have Mayor

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