Hollerado Meets The Mayor

We're a band from Canada. This is a blog about us meeting a bunch of the country's mayors on our tour.

A letter of support for Mayor Hobbs of Thunder Bay

A story about our meeting with Thunder Bay Mayor, Keith Hobbs, recently ran on CBC.ca. You can read the article here. 


 We wanted to respond to our readers with a letter of support for Mayor Hobbs.

 During our meeting Hobbs spoke candidly about his personal opinions on a variety of issues, one of which happened to be the legalization of marijuana. Although we do enjoy a nice little joint from time to time, we are by no means activists for the issue of marijuana legalization, as we feel there are far more pressing problems with this world and, in the realm of activism, there are a myriad of other causes to which our time and effort is better suited.

 In fact, we spoke with mayor Hobbs about many of these issues (such as Native rights and poverty), to which he provided us with much insight into the complexities of the issues as well as a sense of honest compassion that we feel is often lacking in “conservative” politicians. The reason we wanted to follow up on this article this is to re-iterate how Mayor Hobbs spoke openly with us about numerous issues, of which only one of was the legalization of marijuana. We feel that he may now be getting flack from some factions of his community due to his personal views this one issue.

We cannot state enough how grateful we are that the mayor spoke to us as openly as he did. He is a no-bullshit guy willing to speak candidly with four young people who want nothing more than to engage in an open dialogue with the leaders of a community. We strongly believe that if more politicians had this attitude, more people would feel empowered to engage themselves in the issues that concern them and the world would be a better place.

Mayor Hobbs, Thank you for showing us respect by speaking honestly and openly with us. Thank you for not backpedaling on your statement in subsequent interviews that challenged what you said during your meeting with us. We think you are a man of integrity and common sense and that you set an example of accessibility and transparency that other politicians should follow.

We hope you are not taking too much crap. I would like to say on behalf of the citizens of holleradoland that we stand behind you.


-menno, nick, dean, jake

p.s. The office of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has yet to respond to any of our requests for a meeting.

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