Hollerado Meets The Mayor

We're a band from Canada. This is a blog about us meeting a bunch of the country's mayors on our tour.

September 24, 2011- Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin

We met Mayor Fortin for an 11am brunch at a place called Shine Café. Victoria has a radio station called The Zone, that actually plays good music. Pol and Jade from the station joined us and when they offered to pay for breakfast, we all immediately ordered Eggs Benedict (which after breakfast we would all agree was the best we’d ever had!). Mayor Fortin was a smooth talking guy who seemed to know everyone in the restaurant. Of all the mayors we have met to this point, he was the one who most fit the “politician” archetype. A nice guy who answered all of our questions with quick wit and diplomatic answers. It was clear that he loves his job and his city.

He  told us a cool story about when local hero Steve Nash was in town for the opening of a new rec center. The mayor knew a bunch of young local basketball players who desperately wanted to meet their idol. The mayor was scheduled to meet Nash, but was unable to bring any guests except for necessary staff. So he made up a whole bunch of fake job titles like assistant in charge of mayoral luggage, and hired all the kids for the day, so they could come with him and meet the basketball star. 

Also, Rifflandia was the best show so far. We played in bathrobes and
Chewbacca helped us shoot confetti. And we got to watch some rad bands
like Malajube, Besnard Lakes and Dinosaur Bones!