Hollerado Meets The Mayor

We're a band from Canada. This is a blog about us meeting a bunch of the country's mayors on our tour.
This is us and a baby!

This is us and a baby!


This is a blog about our upcoming meet the mayor tour.

The idea for the Meet the Mayor tour kind of started of as a joke. We were sitting around talking about how Rob Ford, The Mayor of Toronto, wanted to get rid of a bunch of bike lanes and public libraries.

We also thought it was pretty bad form that he skipped town during Pride Week. It got us thinking, there must be some cool mayors out there who care about the same things we do and, wouldn’t it be cool to meet them?

We were joking when we tweeted that we wanted to do a tour where we try and and meet the mayor of every city we play. We didn’t actually think that there were any mayors who would want to meet with us.

Within a few hours, Exclaim.ca had picked up the story and soon after Mayor Nenshi of Calgary, Mayor Robertson of Vancouver and Mayor Fiacco of Regina tweeted about wanting to come hang at one of our shows.

We quickly realized that there most definately are some cool mayors out there, and the Meet the Mayor tour was born.

In every city we play, we will be attempting to meet the mayor. We will be blogging at Exclaim.ca about the meetings with mayors as well as our unsuccessful attempts to meet mayors.

We will be asking all the mayors these same five questions. The questions will be sent to the mayor before we get there.

1. What is the most fun thing you have ever got to do as mayor?
2. If you could have lunch with another mayor of any city in the world, living or dead, who would it be?
3. Mayor Quimby or Mayor West? why?
4. How do you get to work every day?
5. Who is your favorite local band?

We will then get to the tough questions, and ask the mayor about an local issue, specific to that city, that we feel strongly about.

We will also be asking the mayor questions on behalf of members of the community.

Please submit questions you would like us to ask your mayor.

You can submit them via twitter, facebook or emailing us at holler@hollerado.com. For every city we will choose a few to ask your mayor. Whoever submits our favorite question in each city will be invited to come meet the mayor with us and then come to the show.

We also plan to take this opportunity to ask the mayors about ways that we can give something back to the communities that have been so supportive of us over the years.

In the province of BC there are municipal elections on November 19, 2011.

We invite any official mayoral candidate to speak for 90 seconds in the middle of our set that night.

In places where the mayor can’t make it, we welcome the deputy mayor to take his place. If the deputy mayor can’t make it, we would love to meet with someone who plans on running for mayor in the next election.

Silly art project of the month:

Each city we play will be the subject of two lines of a poem about the entire tour. when we meet the mayor, they will be asked to write the two lines, when we don’t we are gonna write it. Poetry is fun!!